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Providing unique automotive diagnosis and analysis to industry.



Combining our professional engineering background and 40+ years of hands-on automotive experience, Start Auto Forensics stands alone in providing expert automotive consulting and forensic services.

Why Start Auto Forensics?


Leveraging deep industry relationships, we work alongside government agencies, consumer protection associations, automobile manufacturers, and service professionals to review appraisals, reports, and other evidence to help our clients get the complete picture.


Our consulting and analysis work has helped shape the automotive industry, informed government policy, and provided evidence for insurance providers against costly fraudulent claims. 


Car Mechanic


Start Auto Forensics specializes in mechanical, fuel, and electrical systems diagnosis. We systematically identify pre-existing conditions ​and reconcile reported claim information with the evidence at hand.

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Modern vehicles are technologically complex. We interrogate vehicles' on-board computers using state-of-the-art equipment. Our access to technical and historical automotive repair information databases help us tell the complete story.

Financial Report


Our forensic reports include detailed information, photos, and explanations of relevant automotive component and system operation. Each report is written in an accessible manor to paint a clear picture that clients unfamiliar with automotive technology can comprehend.


About Start Auto Forensics

Start Auto Forensics' Principal Investigator, Eli Melnick, has a post-graduate engineering degree and holds Professional Engineer and Automotive Licensed Technician designations. He has decades of experience in leadership involving specialized automotive diagnosis and repairs.

Eli's experience ranges from consumer to commercial, from individual garages to fleet management. 

Eli provides automotive trade-related consultative services to government and appears frequently throughout the media as a subject matter expert. 

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